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Working Group 3 - WG3

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Stress responses vs. Resistance development and persistence

Dr. Kaye Burgess
Prof. Tom COENYE
Ghent University, BE
Task 1
Persister cells, persistence vs. resistance to cleaning and disinfection
- Identification of persister cells in various foodborne pathogens and spoilage bacteria
- Development of novel tools to identify, quantify and monitor bacterial persister cells

Task 2
Stress induced adaptive responses
- Phenotypic study of stress responses, focusing on stresses encountered in the farm to fork chain
- Application of novel “omics” approaches to examine bacterial stress responses 
- Impact of stress induced responses on bacterial response to other stresses (hurdle effect)

Task 3
Mechanisms associated with resistance to disinfectants 
- Molecular characterisation of the mechanisms associated with disinfectant resistance in food -associated biofilms
- Elucidation of the role of efflux pumps in disinfectant resistance
- Influence of polymicrobial communities on biofilm formation and resistance to disinfectants
- Cross resistance to other antimicrobial agents

Task 4
Inducers of VBNC state and quantification of VBNC cells
- Development of novel tools to identify, quantify and monitor VBNC cells
- Identification of food processing associated stress factors that induce the VBNC state
- Identification of the factors which impact on the revival of VBNC cells
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