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Working Group 2 - WG2

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Mechanisms of bacterial attachment/detachment, survival and biofilm formation on surfaces

Dr. Mickaël Desvaux

Prof. Adriana IANIERI
University of Parma, IT 
Task 1
Bacterial adhesion to surfaces
Adhesion to biotic and abiotic surfaces. Surface and bacterial cell surface properties. Cell-surface interactions, bacterial cell surface properties, molecular mechanisms of reversible and irreversible bacterial attachment, selective attachment, effect of surfaces properties.

Task 2
Bacterial sessile development on surfaces/interfaces
Effect of surface and interfaces properties on bacterial colonization, biofilm formation and survival. Characterization of the role of motility factors, secretion systems, secreted proteins, surface proteins and other cell surface/matrix components in sessile development or internalisation. Cell-cell interactions, communication and regulation of gene expression during bacterial colonization, sessile development and survival.

Task 3
Impact of environmental factors on adhesion/biofilm formation (including food  conditioning films)
Cell-environment interactions, effect of environmental conditions and food conditioning films. Effect of the interactions with bacterial cells in complex communities, pathogenic species, spoilage bacteria, bacteria of technological interest, bacteriophages on the physiology of bacterial colonisation and survival.

Task 4
Contribution of system biology approaches to the understanding of adhesion/biofilm formation
Modelling of biofilm formation, the bringing-in of genomic/proteogenomic analysis, metabolic pathways, regulatory network, transcriptomic and proteomic analysis in biofilm formation concepts. Combinatory microscopic analysis e.g. LSCM, epifluorescence, synchrotron beam, scanning electron miscroscopy, environmental electron miscroscopy.

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